Guadalajara as Nearshore Destination

"Tech boom takes root in Guadalajara", says The Washington Post Working with iTDistrict in Guadalajara, Mexico, offers many advantages while keeping alive the promised benefits of software development outsourcing.

About Us

iTDistrict is a global software technology company that focuses on helping businesses with mobile development throughout a project’s life cycle through nearshore outsourcing. The company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs in 2015 and has its offices in Austin, Texas, and Montreal, Canada, and a wholly owned software development and delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since 2015, iTDistrict maintains strong business partnerships with accelerators and incubators.

iTDistrict employs professionally trained mobile and cloud developers and provides dedicated teams for mobile and cloud development, testing, and support. The company has developed an innovative model that allows clients to build a team, including project managers, analysts, and developers, that they can utilize when they need it and for the time they need it.

While being fast and affordable, iTDistrict produces the best possible nearshore outsourcing solutions. Even after the development is complete, iTDistrict provides businesses with continued support, allowing companies to quickly update and expand existing mobile applications with a team that already understands their needs and priorities.


What is Nearshore?

Nearshoring works just like offshoring except that businesses pair with workers in countries that are in closer proximity to the US than India or Ukraine, which eliminates many of the issues related to offshore outsourcing. It saves you time while keeping your costs low.

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Nearshore. Your Team Next Door!

While Nearshore Outsourcing offers more advantages to US companies than Offshore Outsourcing, there is something that's even better and that's a Nearshore IT Team in Mexico. We call it Nearshore+. Having a development team in Mexico gives your company additional benefits, such as shorter travel time and more cultural alignment between you and your extended team plus the protection of your Intellectual Property through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

What About Intellectual Property (IP) Protection?

Don’t Worry! The North American Free Trade (NAFTA) protects U.S. and Canada businesses that partner with nearshore development teams by fully protecting the companies from IP theft. Nearshore teams in Mexico sign non-disclosure agreements and submit to employee background checks.

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